Why PPI?

Grow your practice
with a market leader

PPI is a pre-eminent national marketing organization with the size, scale, and investment in infrastructure to position you to compete.

Access the most innovative products and tools

A track record of developing innovative, proprietary and enduring insurance-based products that are utilized in customized solutions, together with leading edge technology support and an ongoing resource commitment keeps our advisors at the forefront of change.

Build trusted relationships

The PPI team is comprised of respected industry leaders who are instrumental in furthering industry integrity, policies and innovation. Benefit from our strong, stable relationships with insurance carriers for the design, development and dedicated support of products.

If you want to shape client dreams into legacies and to accelerate your own business opportunities, contact one of our marketing channels today: PPI Advisory in the high net-worth market and PPI Solutions in the broader market.

How PPI Can Help You
Build Your Insurance Business


Build trust with your clients and everyone stands to gain. PPI brings true value to this relationship – by supporting you in your practice to accomplish whatever it takes to excel.

As one of Canada’s leading marketers of insurance solutions, we connect you and your clients with precisely what you need to achieve inspired estate planning and customized results. PPI is an essential link stretching across Canada, supporting your local needs in the critical areas of marketing, planning concepts and smart technologies. Established in 1978, PPI supports the insurance advisor community through: PPI Advisory serving the high net-worth market and PPI Solutions serving the broader market.

PPI Advisory

PPI Advisory is focused on the high net-worth marketplace – offering concierge service to individuals and businesses requiring highly sophisticated, and often customized, life insurance solutions. We take on complex challenges like large estate and intricate tax planning issues, all of which benefit from a proven flair for innovative thinking. We work with advisors in a close-knit, consultative relationship with the client and their other professional advisors, including lawyers and accountants. PPI Advisory’s in-house group of lawyers, accountants and actuaries can help you penetrate the high net-worth market by applying their estate planning knowledge, and experienced risk selection professionals will assist you with custom illustrations, client presentations and underwriting review on complex cases.

PPI Advisory to learn more.


PPI Solutions

PPI Solutions is a valued national resource for advisors who serve the broad Canadian market. PPI Solutions provides everything you need to grow your insurance business: proprietary business building tools, a comprehensive product suite, unparalleled life insurer relationships and competitive compensation. We deploy our national resources through a friendly and efficient network of local offices stretching from coast to coast.

PPI Solutions to learn more.


Whether you serve the broader market with PPI Solutions or require the sophisticated planning of PPI Advisory, challenge us to show you how rich and profound a legacy can be.